Information Needs of Gram Panchayat Members: A Study of Kurukshetra District, Haryana


Author(s): Rajiv

-The paper examines the information needs of Gram Panchayat Members (GPMs) of Kurukshetra district. 13.6% (42 sarpanches and 218 ward members) sample has been collected through questionnaire from 3542 GPMs of the Kurukshetra district. The GPMs are receiving information from formal and informal sources. The members of Gram Panchayats (89.6) are aware of source of information and 81.2% able to cater to the information requirements of people. Mainly they feels the lack of library and information centre in their villages and are getting major relevant information from government employees, newspapers, television, colleagues and training programmes. While, almost all GPMs are receiving sufficient information from all sources with the difficulties of handling technological devices and facing time barriers.

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