Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of Lawyers of District Courts, Andhra Pradesh: A Survey


Author(s): K. Ramachandrappa

The present study has been undertaken to assess the Information needs and Information Seeking Behaviour by the lawyers of district courts in Andhra Pradesh. A well structured questionnaire was distributed among the practicing lawyers of district courts. The findings indicate that practicing lawyers were using a variety of information resources to satisfy their information needs. It is evident that 64.34% respondents are highly dependent on the District Bar Library for acquiring information resources, 21.23% depended frequently, 12.48% depended occasionally and the remaining 1.95% rarely depended. It is evident that 69.04% lawyers are not satisfied with the overall library resources and services of the district court bar association libraries. Lawyers always seek information for ‘case preparation’, ‘professional needs ‘and ‘leisure needs for writing books/articles’. These three purposes have got first, second and third ranks respectively for information-seeking purposes.

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