Information Needs and Gathering Habits among Farmers in Rural areas of Mahoba District, Uttar Pradesh: A Study


Author(s): Hariom, M.P. Singh

The study examined the Information Needs and Gathering Habits among Farmers in Rural areas. Primary data collected through field survey with the help of Schedule, Interview, dairy and personal observation method, villages were selected by lottery method and 10 farmers were randomly selected from each village for data collection. From a total of 521farmers a 411 (79.3%) farmers were interviewed. The result of data analysis, explored 31.38% farmers were illiterates and a small numbers of farmers 7.54% qualified on higher education level. 62.53 % generally required information about health, highest majority of respondents (86.37%) required information on Seeds and planting, majority of respondents 70.55% preferred Kishan Seva Kendra to access information. 72.74% respondents were facing, inability to access formal channels problem and 74.93% were also affected to Lack of awareness of New communication technology. study further exposed that majority of respondents 33.81% didn’t satisfy to the getting information.

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