Information Literacy Skills among Science Faculty Members of First Grade Colleges affiliated to University of Mysore: A Study


Author(s): Asha. P Adithya Kumari H

The present reports the result of survey conducted at First Grade Colleges affiliated to University of Mysore, to measure information literacy skill of science faculty members. The findings of the study reveal that majority of faculty members i.e., 540(65.4%) and 535(64.8%) have the knowledge of evaluating information with respect to their accuracy and authority respectively and there exist less number i.e., 242(29.3%) faculty members who evaluate timeliness of information. It is also found that majority i.e., 765 (92.6%) of faculty members search catalogue / OPAC by title and standard number search was the least opted by the 127 (15.4%) faculty members. Majority of respondents i.e., 415(50.2%), are excellent in Word processing applications and 177(21.4) of the respondents are poor in database applications. The study concludes that information literacy programs are very important and should be organized according to the requirement of the faculty members in First Grade Colleges.

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