Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning


Author(s): Dr. S Kishore Kumar, B. Surendran

Information plays a vital role in all spheres of life in this technological era. Information is available in different formats and from various sources. To get the right information at the right time from the abundance of unclassified data/information, the users of the libraries must be information literates. Information literacy is the basis for lifelong learning and to develop sense-making ability among the users. The ability to procure and use information effectively is a vital skill of the people. The information literates have an ability to take decisions, solve their problems and know how to learn. Therefore, students need to be trained to the information competent. The information literacy skills help the students to become lifelong learners. The paper discusses the concept, meaning, aims, need, skills, benefits, IL education and the relationship between Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning.

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