Information Gathering Behaviour of College Students with Special Reference to Aided Colleges Affiliated to M. G. University, Kerala.


Author(s): Sherin Yohannan P. Balasubramanin

This paper discusses about the information gathering habits among the students in select aided colleges in Kerala. The relevant data collected from the select aided colleges afflicted to M. G. University in Kerala. It found that Male respondents, 223(20.88%) were accessed in ‘Central library’, 114(10.67%) were accessed in ‘Dept. library’, 52(4.87%) were accessed in ‘Public library’, 86(8.05%) were accessed in ‘Personal collections’ for information gathering activities. In Female, 40(3.75%) were accessed in ‘Public library’, 34(3.18%) were accessed in ‘Personal collections’, 74(6.93%) were accessed in ‘College computer centre’, 56(5.24%) were accessed in ‘Cyber cafe’ and 26(2.43%) were accessed in ‘Personal computer’ for gathering information activities

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