Information Diffusion during COVID-19 and Lockdown: The Role of Library Professionals.


Author(s): WM Thusithakumari

A library is a social democratic institution that has been collecting, organizing, managing and maintaining knowledge for a long time. Based on the fact that all that information is not available to any library, the library industry today is rapidly advancing to new technology. In the past, writing media such as parchment, velam, papyrus and writing media such as Palmyra leaf and Ola leaf books were available in Sri Lanka. Man has passed through the Stone Age, the pastoral age, the agricultural age and many other eras and has now entered the industrial age.

The focus of the industrial age is on information. All the arts in the world are determined based on information and the library has moved towards the concept of virtual library when it comes to the speed with which information is created in the world. The unpredictable impact of the Covid- 19 pandemic on all countries cannot be underestimated. That effect had a severe effect on the library system. Therefore libraries and librarians should organize their services during its pandemic and lockdown. It focuses on how its services are run, the safety measures to be followed in maintaining those services, the responsibilities and functions of library professionals in the event of a pandemic, as well as the technologies that libraries can use in providing services to their users.

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