Influence of Technological Advancements on Traditional Servicesof Library and their Modernizations


Author(s): H.Kalilur Rahman

Most of the traditional services of library are not obsolete but they are in transitional stage because of technological advancements particularly due to the development in the field of information and communication technology (ICT).Enormous growth in digitalpublication has changed the process of collection development. Likewise the library services are getting new momentum and entering into new phase. The users’ anticipationshave reached new pinnacle.Though the main mission of the library is still unchanged, the libraryhas to invent new ways of operation to perform well as well as to accommodate the Internet savvy users’ expectation.These problems are to be properly addressed to make the library more functional and viable. Pragmatic solutions have to be found by using ICT to resolve these issues. In order to enhance the quality of the library services, the library professionals should empower themselves to acquaint well with these hi-techs as a first step. The library service is one of the core areas of the library and facing many problems at the moment. This paper analyzes the latest trendsand problems related tothe traditional library services as well as emerging new servicesspecifically collection development, information seeking behavior, information literacy, accessibility, library space and library website. Moreover, it proposes strategies to rejuvenate the traditional services and mechanisms to incorporate the emerging new services into library.

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