Indispensable Necessity - Researchers? Digital Identity: Special Reference to ORCID ID


Author(s): Atul Bhatt, Pradip Patel

In last two decades research and number of researcher also increased day by day as the technology remove the boundary barrier of information access. The researcher must be cite the research article which used by them in the research work. But ambiguity in name is one of the big challenges while citation and citation analysis too. As the various naming style exist worldwide and with the different naming style it becomes more difficult to count the citation credit. Unique identification to a researcher give the solution of this name ambiguity and give proper citation record and mange the whole research contribution of researcher on a single platform. Non-profit community driven ORCID, Inc provides the ORCID - Open Researcher and Contributor ID the unique research identification to a researcher, and linking the researcher research contribution with other IDs. It kept not only the contribution record of researcher but also useful to researcher for job profiling, for project funding and as well useful to the publishers, organization, funding agencies, government to keep track on researcher contribution toward subject. The paper describes the features of identifiers and point out the requirements of identifiers adoption in special context of ORCID. Worldwide numbers of researcher register in ORCID by individual or via consortia base. In India individual researcher register in small number in compare of numbers of Indian researchers, but not any consortia till register in ORCID from India. The Government and private Funding agency, Education Commissions, Education committees, Organization, nation information center like INFLIBNET have to be develop a proper system for uplift the researcher’s registration in Open source unique identifier ORCID.

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