Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge: A Scientometric Study (2002-2012)


Author(s): K.N. Shivakumaraswmay , Muthuraj T.N.

The study focuses on Scientometric studies on Indian journals of traditional knowledge has been carried out, journal containing 938 issues from 2002 – 2012 have been taken into consideration for the present study. The analysis covers and discusses in terms of Year wise distribution of articles; year wise authorship pattern; single v/s multiple authored papers; month wise (issue-wise) distribution of articles; authorship pattern of cited references; geographical distribution of articles; country wise distribution of articles; state wise (India) contribution of articles; institution wise distribution; length of article; year-wise distributions of citations; author wise distribution of articles; university wise distributions; list of keywords occurred more than 2 times in articles. The number of articles different from 10 to 139. The highest number of articles, i.e. 139 (14.81%) was published in 2010 and lowest number i.e. 10 (1.06%) in 2003. A total of 938 articles was published during the period distributed over 39 issues of the journals. On an average 24 articles were published per issue.

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