Indian Institute of Management Libraries web OPACs and Available Search Features: A Checklist based Approach


Author(s): Shankaranand Hiremath, Dharani Kumar. P, J P Renin

This paper is carried out as part of research work on Indian Institute of Management Libraries web OPACs. The data has been collected during 2016-17 academic years, where author used OPAC evaluation parameter checklist as tool for data collection. Which is sixty-seven parameter checklist designed by Ramesh Babu and Obrien. The study is limited to thirteen IIMs in India, who shared login credentials for their respective library web OPACs accessibility. The author himself observed each IIMs web OPAC by searching with various keywords and compared functionality search features into checklist and marked as scores for presence and absence of each parameter. IIM-Trichy secured highest score 47 out of 53, followed by Ahmedabad and IIM-Calcutta 46. And IIM-Rohtak recorded least score 29 followed by IIM-Ranchi-29 and IIM-Raipur 30. The study has also revealed availability of search features in web OPACs from each IIM libraries and discussed about non-customized search features such as ‘contentsandcoverageintheOPAC’, ‘Hypertext links in full bibliographic record display’, ‘search strategies and search limits’ links to electronic sources and external sources’ etc. Further it is recommended to all the IIMs to find out their scores and to do the modifications at their library OPACs

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