Importance of Periodical Literature in Research


Author(s): P. Madhava Rao, V. Pulla Reddy

The current study makes an attempt to know the importance of periodical literature in research. Periodical is a primary source of information. Primary sources of information are the first published records of original research and development or description of new application or new interpretation of an old theme or idea. The literature is generally published as periodical articles since periodicals are the best available sources among the primary communicating media for exchange of scientific results. The importance of periodical publication increases as the necessity for going deep, pinpointed and up-to-date knowledge increased. Periodicals are especially important to scholars because they facilitate what is known as scholarly communication. It is very important to be able to interpret periodical citations accurately. To find periodical articles you must use a periodical index. A periodical index gives you citations to articles that have been published in a specific set of periodicals that cover certain subject area(s). Periodical indexes are available in print and computerized format. Hundreds of periodical indexes exist and it’s important to choose an index appropriate for your research question.

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