ICT Based Library Facilities in Nashik District College Libraries: An Analytical Study


Author(s): Ahire Subhash Bandu*

ICT infrastructural facility is a basic requirement of every educational institution in the current era. ICT has support for smart works and it is very useful in work accuracy, time-saving, reduces cost and presents the effectiveness of the work. The present study aims to analyze the availability of ICT infrastructure facilities in Nashik district college libraries. The study also plans to explore the various services and facilities provided by the libraries such as; annual budget of the library, library automation status, e-resources and databases subscribed by the library, internet facility, ICT-related hardware, software, antivirus software and implementation of barcode technology, etc. Survey method has been used with a structured questionnaire was adopted to obtain data from Nashik district college libraries. Total 179 questionnaires were circulated to all the college librarians in the Nashik district. Among them, 149 filled questionnaires were received back. The result shows that N-LIST is a more popular database among arts, commerce, science and computer science colleges and the J-Gate and IEEE are the popular databases among engineering colleges in the Nashik district. The majority of libraries has automated and gets support from proprietary library automation software; most of the college libraries have used barcode technology for library book circulation and stock verification process.

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