ICT Based Distance e-Learning tools for offering Library Services and Distance Education


Author(s): Ajay Shanker Mishra, Sachin Kumar Umre and Pavan Kumar Gupta

The communication technology has been made several beneficial advantages in this information and communication era and in present scenario it has become necessary to use the technology in the library information science sector. Because of this technological impact, the LIS sector makes more advancement in LIS services like distance learning (e-learning, web based learning, online learning and virtual learning,), reference services (user orientation and user education), e-content delivery system remote log-in support to his/her users and full fill the goals of the entire library system. The needs of both library administrator and patrons are also changing. Information professionals need comprehensive and more powerful tools to information dissemination and they had always been striving hard to meet the expectations of its users but the initiation of communication of technology meets all the expectations of professionals. For the students or library users, the requirement has been to remove the time barrier and geographical space concept and encourage them for self-study. The information sectors or systems, on the other hand, to provide the maximum level of users satisfaction with the minimum level of investment through the use of distance learning tools in library service like Reference service and other. The author trying to describe some important ICT tools which supported the distance learning service, finally, it focuses the use of similar technologies in the library that offers distance learning. Library information professionals need to be aware prior to using ICT tools like desktop conferencing tools, Distance Learning LMS and apps and their instruction so that library managers can meet all the expectations of the user community.

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