Human Resource Development in Indian Media Libraries: A Study with Special Reference to Professionals Training and Development Facilities


Author(s): Lt. Rajashekara G.R, B.S. Biradar

In India serving the information with approximately more than 1000 channels, among them 380 are news channels, most 24 x 7, the Indian news television and news papers are booming in the country in English and various Indian languages. The development has already taken place in media domain. The influence of information communication technology made the existing knowledge of media library professionals ineffective, which they had at the time of entering into the organization. Hence, professionals have to be trained to operate new techniques and equipments, to handle the present as well as new jobs more effectively. Training is useful not only for the organizations, but also for the employees as it develops knowledge, problem-solving ability and skill of the newly recruited employees on the one hand and serves as a refresher course in updating old employees on the other hand. It aims at improving the organization’s performance through the enhanced performance of its employees. Because of these reasons training has become an integral part of human resource development in media libraries. Knowing this fact following study has been conducted to identify the training and development facilities provided in Indian media libraries.

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