Harvesting Full text and Metadata of OpenDOAR through DSpace OAI-PMH : A Framework for Institutional Digital Repositories


Author(s): Sukumar Mandal

Digital resource is increasing in this modern age due to exponential growth of technological impact and its peripherals. IDRs will additionally include digital materials that subsist outside the physical and administrative bounds of any one digital library. IDRs will include all the processes and accommodations that are the backbone and nervous system of libraries. The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) is a very high performance mechanism for client server architecture in repository interoperability. Broadly it can be classified in two ways such as data provider and service provider. Data Provider can access the structured standards global metadata by using OAI-PMH tool. On the otherhand service providers then make easily harvest the metadata through a set of six verbs of OAI-PMH based URL. Requests for data can be based on a datestamp range, and can be restricted to named sets defined by the provider. Data providers can only managed the XML based Dublin Core metadata format. It is possible to designing and developing an integrated institutional digital repository in different ways. In this research paper harvest the fulltext and metadata available in OpenDOAR by using the open source software DSpace. It is fully compatible with web-enabled OAI-PMH features. The whole tasks have performed in Ubuntu operating system for easy installation and configuration of DSpace OAI-PMH whereas all the resources import from the OpenDOAR

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