Growth of Literature on Oncology: A Scientometric Analysis


Author(s): Shilpa B. S, S. Padmamma

The growth rate of literature on oncology from 2010 to 2019 in which a total of 1275877 research papers is analyzed. A scientometric technique is one of the most prominent dimension tools to recognize and ascertain the growth of publications in the scientific disciplines. The study evaluated various scientometric dimensions i.e. the year-wise distribution of records, annual growth rate, compound annual growth rate, authorship pattern, and found that a maximum of 143481 papers was published in 2018. The annual growth rate was registered in the year 2014 and in the same year, 4.447 CAGR was recorded. The relative growth rate is decreasing and the doubling time is increasing during the study period. The authorship pattern reveals that 93.66% of the papers collaborated paper. The study found that the growth of literature in oncology research is in increasing trend

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