Green Library: A New Vision of the 21st Century


Author(s): Muhammad Anwar* and Tang Zhi Wei*

The present study aims are to find out the importance of a green library. This study is attempted to disclose the environmental effects on the library that need to be green. The present incorporated to see the issues, benefits, and motives behind the going green. The survey method was used to collect data from different databases. The qualitative research design was used to complete this paper. The collected literature has been reviewed according to the selected objectives. The reviewed literature has shown that the green library movement has taken place all around the globe. The findings of the study have revealed that very nation is working hard to green their libraries. The literature disclosed that its need for time to green the library for major and minor destruction of global warming. It would be suggested that every nation should follow the green library standards to maintain and sustain their library to make friendly.

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