Global Research Trend in Petrology Research during 2009-2018 using Scopus Database: A Scientometric Analysis


Author(s): Ajay Rai

The present study aims to analyse the global research trend in petrology research during the period of ten years i.e. (2009-2018). The primary data was collected by the Scopus database in which a total of 6505 records were found. The study analysis and examine various scientometric parameters i.e. year wise distribution of publications; most productive authors; subject wise distribution of publications; document wise distribution; source name; significant keywords; affiliation names; and countries wise distribution of publications and found that the maximum 791 (12.16%) of research papers were published in 2018; the most productive author was Santosh, M with 117 contributions; in the Earth and Planetary Sciences subject area the maximum 6042 (74.20%) of records were published; the maximum 5810 (89.32%) of records were published in Journal article while the maximum 333 publications came in Lithos source title; Petrology keyword was used much time i.e. 4818 while the Chinese Academy of sciences was the most productive organisation with 514 publications; China was the most productive country with 2347 research papers contributions during the period of study.

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