Global Research Productivity in Cloud Computing: A Bibliometric Study


Author(s): Siddagangaiah K N

Science and Scientific research has been growing at faster rate in recent past, particularly the development of information and communication technology enabled the process as much as simple with minimal time span. The span of study period is 1996 to 2017 (21 years) and the records were downloaded from globally renowned indexed database Web of Science. The analysis has been made by using Histcite and VosViewer software and the records are downloaded in ISO format. The study finds, the Cloud Computing is an emerging area of Computer Science and after 1990s the subject recorded the scientific literature. The Buyya R of Australia is ranked as number one author globally with 3697 citations. The collaborative research has prominence than the individual research. It also found that, the productivity of the journal is based on the article used by citing the article. The cloud computing as a technology will beneficiary to the stakeholders with a limited demerits.

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