Global Research Output of Data Mining and Data Security: A Scientometric Study


Author(s): Tayade Suraj M* and Khaparde Vaishali S

The present scientometric analysis is based on a total of 1763 articles with 273 sources (journals, books, etc.) published from 2012 to 2021. The present study attempts to measure the annual scientific publication growth, to examine the average citation, to identify most relevant sources, to identify most local cited sources (from reference lists), to identify the most relevant author, to measure country wise distribution of articles, to identify most cited countries, to identify most global cited documents, and to measure collaboration network country, attached to the articles. The most productive year period were 2018, a total (of 471) articles were published and the 2012 (16), 2013 (34), 2014 (56) are the lowest or no articles, total (1721) authors from 53 countries have contributed to the publication of articles. A complete of 1716 articles was contributed by multi-authored and 47 articles contributed by single authored. Author collaboration networks show that, authors of multi-author articles prefer cooperative analysis practices and prefer mega-author publications. Collaborative research methods show trends in large author publications. India has contributed the (368) articles.

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