Finding Entrepreneurship Opportunities and the Development of New Businesses in Iranian Public Libraries


Author(s): Somayeh Mardomi

 Entrepreneurship is a way to benefit from opportunities and create new products and services. Considering the increase in competition in organizations today and the importance of survival and durability, responding to the users’ needs and their loyalty are of paramount importance. Aiming at searching and finding entrepreneurial opportunities in libraries and information centers, with a descriptive-practical approach, the present research introduces these opportunities to entrepreneur librarians in order to provide new services for their clients, customers, and users. The present research is a descriptive survey. The research population consists of 6047 librarians active in 2224 public libraries in the country (institutional, cooperative, and independent libraries) in the year 1395 (according to the statistics provided by the Public Library of Iran). In this research, in addition to conducting impromptu interviews and investigating the characteristics of the society providing services and the users, the academic structure of the library was also studied and 5 entrepreneurial opportunities were identified through the Anthony Oliwik model. Afterwards, according to the model and the two aspects of satisfaction and significance, intended characteristics of the clients were evaluated and used as a basis for the identification of opportunities regarding librarianship and information, as well as the final result.

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