Factors Associated with Scholarly Productivity among Theological Faculty Members in Karnataka


Author(s): YesanSellan, S. Ally Sornam

The present study examined various factors affect the scholarly productivity of theological faculty members in Karnataka and barriers negatively affected their research. A structured questionnaire was distributed to 100 randomly-selected faculty members of whom 80 returned filled questionnaires. Of the respondents, 55% opined that expectation/mandate from their institution has a positive influence on their scholarly productivity while 52% of them expressed that support from their colleagues have positive impact and 46% of them strongly agree that they are motivated to address a need in the field. At the same time, 27% of them opined that adequate time would be more helpful to their productivity. This study concluded that 60% of respondents strongly agreed that support from their institutions is important. It was noted that more than 47% of respondents would prefer ejournals and ebooks access for their research work. They also expressed administrative responsibilities are hindrance for their research productivity. In order to produce more scholarship less administrative responsibilities preferred. The findings of this study raise questions related to time allocation for various tasks expected of the faculty, particularly whether faculty members’ research is accorded due importance, recognition, and funds for scholarship. The results of this study will help the administrators, Principals, Presidents and Deans of theological institutions in Karnataka to revisit their institutional goals and address needs expressed by the faculty members to enable them to produce more scholarly works in order to sustain the field of theological education, be more relevant, and maintain parity with colleagues in other fields of education. <

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