Factors Affecting Covid 19 Information Needs of Teachers in Oguta, LGA Imo State, Nigeria


Author(s): Lovet Ovigue Esievo, Jonathan Chima Ogugua, Nkechi Amaech, Magnus C. Unegbu,

The general purpose of this study is to investigate the factors affecting Covid 19 information needs of teachers in Oguta, LGA Imo State, Nigeria. The survey research design was used for this study using questionnaire as an instrument for data collection. This study covered the entire population of 178. Out of these, 155 copies of the questionnaire representing 87.1% were duly completed and returned for analysis. The findings this study showed that teachers need Covid 19 information to keep them abreast of new developments in the society. The findings also showed that age, gender, academic discipline and rank significantly affects Covid 19 information needs of teachers in Oguta LGA. Imo State, Nigeria. This study recommended that there should be budgetary allocation by the government for the development of school libraries in the state. If the money is made available to the school libraries, they will be able to buy as many current books and journals as expected. The Internet services as an area in the school libraries should be adequately equipped for active utilization by the teachers in meeting their information needs. This study also recommended that teachers should be allowed to participate in selection of school library materials for acquisition.

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