Extensiveness of ICT Skills Possessed by Faculty Members of Science and Technology in Accessing and Using E-resources in Kuvempu and Davangere Universities, Karnataka State, India


Author(s): Hemesha H. N* and Santhosh Kumar K. T*

The study focused on level of competency possessed by the faculty members of science and technology in using e-resources in the universities of Karnataka. The investigator had chosen two universities for the survey namely Kuvempu University and Davangere University. The study intended to explore faculty competency level in using e-resources, their preferences over devices, type of e-resources, search engines, file formats to access e-resources and also emphasizes on search strategies used to access e-resources, constraints faced and about which are the areas faculty members need training to use eresources effectively. The study involves 128 respondents from both the universities with the response rate of 93.43%. The results of the study reveals that majority of faculty members extensively using e-journals followed by online databases and using e-resources more for research purpose followed by class room instruction. They opined that they have good competence in using e-resources and most of them using laptops to access e-resources and agreed strongly that they needed further training to optimizing the use eresources.

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