E-Resources: A Study of Reading Habits among the Faculty Members in Health Science Institutions


Author(s): Giriraj Halkar

Electronic Information resources reading is a border term including all the kind of learning possible through the use of computers? Thus, it includes computer based learning materials, i.e. e-journals, e-books, multimedia, discussion forums, email, blogs chats, animations, simulations, games, virtual experiments of foregoing and, learning through the information resources available on the Internet. The present paper examines the use of e-resources among faculty members. A total of 400 well structured questionnaires were distributed randomly among the faculty members of health science institutions taking in to account 15% of the total respondents in each institution. Out of 354 of them responded with the response rate of 88.5%. The results of the study indicate that a majority of respondents i.e. 74.29% of faculty members visit library ‘when there is a need. A majority of the faculty members seek information for research work 48.03%, preparing class notes for teaching 47.45% and writing papers and its presentation 47.18%.

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