Entrepreneurship Skills Development of Library and Information Science Professionals in the 21st Century


Author(s): Richard Iorver Tondo* and Terlanga Ugba

This article hinged on entrepreneurship skills development of library and information science professionals in the 21st century. Entrepreneurship is widely understoodas the process of starting and owning a business that provides goods or services to people in exchange for money. A person who has created and owns a business is known as an entrepreneur. But some people believe entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business. It is a mind set, a way of thinking and acting. Entrepreneurship in this modern age involves thinking of new ways to solve problems and create value. An entrepreneurial spirit is said to be characterized by innovation and risk-taking. The development of entrepreneurship skills will be of great benefits to graduates of library and information science as it will help them to establish their own small and medium scale business after graduation. Entrepreneurship prepares library and information science graduates for self-employment and occupational field to create wealth. This chapter discusses benefits of entrepreneurship education to library and information science, entrepreneurship skills required by library and information graduates in an entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurship opportunities for library and information science entrepreneurs and challenges hindering entrepreneurship skills development for library and information science graduate employability in the 21st century.

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