Electronic Collection Development Activities in Babcock University Laz Otti Memorial Library


Author(s): Nwokike Obinna, Madukoma, Ezinwanyi, Bamidele, Itunu A

Collection development generally involves activities such as selection, acquisition, user studies, collection evaluation, weeding, and interlibrary cooperation. These activities are also achievable through electronic collection development. It has been observed that declining funds and book votes has forced academic libraries all over the world to embrace the use of electronic collection development for the mutual benefit of their patrons. And this may have prompted the current state of electronic collection development activities in Laz Otti Memorial Library. Therefore, this study showed the state of electronic collection development procedures in Laz Otti Memorial Library, Babcock University, Nigeria. In this study, a triangulation of qualitative and quantitative (mixed) approach to survey research design was used. The population comprised the professional and para-professional staff of the library with a total number of thirty-seven (37). Total enumeration was used. The instruments for data collection include a semi-structured interview guide and a self-developed questionnaire. The interview was conducted with 8 librarians who were part of the library management. The questionnaire was administered to the subjects personally and was returned in usable form, indicating a 100% return rate. The analysis was done using a thematic approach and descriptive statistics like percentage. The findings showed that e-books, e-journals, and audio-visual materials are some of the electronic resources subscribed and acquired in the library. It revealed that the majority of library staff were unaware of the electronic collection development activities in Laz Otti Memorial library, Babcock University, Nigeria. The study concluded that electronic collection development activities were ongoing in Laz Otti Memorial Library, Babcock University, Nigeria, although its knowledge among staff was low. It recommended that the library management should ensure that awareness of electronic collection development activities among their staff are created through workshops, seminars and in-house training.

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