Digital Reference Services in Select Academic Libraries of Engineering and Technology Institutions in Tamilnadu: A case study


Author(s): K. Chandraprabha , Dr. K. Chinnasamy , Dr. S. Janakiraman

This study is to measure the users' awareness and their perception about Digital Reference Services (DRS) provided by the Academic libraries of Engineering and Technology institutions in Tamilnadu. It focuses on determining the significant relationship between user awareness of DRS provided by academic libraries of various categories of Engineering and Technology institutions and users' education level, users' age, users' gender, and users' stay. The research methodology employed was a case study approach that combined two data collection methods: questionnaires, and content analysis. This paper discusses the strength and weakness of existing digital reference services being provided by the academic libraries under study, and also concludes with some specific suggestions for improvement of digital reference services in Academic Libraries under study

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