Design and Development of Library Website through FOSS: A Marketing Tool for LIS Products and Services


Author(s): Ravi K and Mithilesh Kumar Jha

With the emergence of WWW/web 2.0 and application of the same in every field, the expectations and demands of the users from LIS professionals have been changed. ICT is the boon of 21st centaury in every field. Now users want eresources and library without wall with 24x7x365 access. Changing mindset of users and the form of documents and requirements it is very important for LIS professionals to change their self and their library services also. Therefore, it is the demand of the digital era to have a library website to provide best services accordingly to its local and remote users and it can be also used as a marketing tool to promote the library and its services as other commercial organizations like Alibaba, Snapdeal, Flipkart, e-bay etc are doing to get success. Designing website with proprietary/commercial software is not an easy task due to the high cost. Purpose of this paper is to make LIS professionals aware of availability of Web 2.0 tools, Free and Open Source Software (F/OOS) instead of proprietary/commercial software and designing and development of website with the help of F/OSS so that maximum library may perhaps be benefited which are already facing the financial crunch and authors also tried to make understand how library website can be utilize as marketing tool with ease.

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