Dealing with Plagiarism in Scholarly Communication


Author(s): Bijayananda Pradhan ,Abhimanyu Pradhan

Plagiarism has become a serious issue in the academic and research world. Plagiarism is an unethical academic work where one author represents some others work or ideas as its own. It is increasing rapidly due to pressure in getting popularity/recognition, getting promotion and the internet acts as a catalyst for the same. The availability of materials in the internet gives an opportunity for copy and pastes someone’s work and ultimately this deliberate inclination towards copy paste culture resulted in plagiarism. The attempt should be made at an early stage in the academic and research setup, so that the plagiarism issue may be avoided through good ethical practice and by the use of technology. In this paper an attempt has been made to discuss about the plagiarism, its causes, tools for detection and efforts to combat it.

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