Collection Development in University Libraries: A Case Study of Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana State


Author(s): T. Laxman Goud

Libraries are very essential in academic institutions to provide timely needy information to faculty, research scholars and student community to fulfil their academic needs. In this scenario, library resources and services can play an important role. To provide academic needs, building up library collection meansacquisition, selection, evaluation and preservation of resources according to user’s requirement. The collection development is a systematic and essential process of building library collection to fulfil the teaching, learning and research needs of its target users. It includes acquisition, selection, evaluation and preservation of resources according to users? requirement. Collection development is not to build, but to develop the collection. The present paper examines the library collection development of Books, Journals, Budget details, status of subject-wise books in the Kakathiya University library, Warangal.

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