Collection and Services of Special Libraries in Aizawl: A Survey


Author(s): Lallawmawmi, Lalngaizuali

Today more and more organizations are involved in research, actionresearch and advocacy on various development issues, particularly in the Social services and Human Development sector. Most of these issues and themes are interdisciplinary in nature and are characterized by overlapping subject boundaries. Research on such areas therefore generates information which is consequently interdisciplinary innature. In order to manage such information and also to make more information available, special libraries and thematic, issue-based information centers have come up. Such libraries are peculiar as far as their collection, users, services; queries and information processing are concerned. This article is also based on the special libraries of Aizawlwhere in we cumulated several findings and suggestions from the librarians under study. It may also provide readers with insight and in depth knowledge to make them aware the present conditions of the special library that exist in Aizawl till date.

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