Chemical Engineering Journals Enclosed by Directory of Open Access Journals: A Systematic Study


Author(s): Nimesh Oza, Ashok S Chaudhary

OAJs being the wonderful source of research information have been in advanceimportant level. The present study aims to examine the rank of 55 Open access journals in Chemical Engineering indexed in DOA Journals. Identified characters such as Geographical and language wise scattering, coverage of Indexing and Abstracting databases, ranking of journals giving to Impact Factor, Open Access licensing model implemented, the Open Access Journals in Chemical Engineering are evaluated in the paper. Results specified the English is maximum level content language, Indonesia with maximum number of Open Access Journals, Google scholar (GS) with highest journals indexed. The study observes the increasingOSmovement of journals from profitmaking practice to OA. Catalystsjournals initiate with highest Impact Factor among Open Access Journals in Chemical Engineering.

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