Bio-bibliometric profile of Sir. C.V. Raman as seen through Google Scholar


Author(s): Manjunath M, Ramesha

Bio-bibliometrics is a term that was first coined by Sen and Gan to mean the quantitative and analytical method for discovering and establishing functional relationships between bio-data and biblio-data elements. Kademani and Kalyane were the first to use the phrase “Scientometric portrait” to carry out bio-bibliometric studies on scientists including Nobel laureates. Bibliometric techniques are being used for a variety of purposes like determination of various scientific indicators, evaluation of scientific output. The term ‘Bio-bibliometrics’ is being used for method of retrieving and visualizing biological information that uses co-occurrence of gene naming terms in Medical Sciences to generate semantic links between genes. Biobibliometric is a study in which we statistically analyze publications of an individual, a department, or a subject of any field. It is a quantitative and analytical method in which we try to establish a functional relation between bio-data of an individual and his biblio-data. It is a technique used for the documenting works of eminent scientists and researchers. In this study an attempt has been made to analyze the communication and collaboration pattern of Sir. C.V. Raman as reflected through Google Scholar.

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