Bibliometric study of PhD theses in Mathematics of The University of Burdwan, 2005-2012


Author(s): Sanjukta Mondal, Bijan Kumar Roy

This article highlights on the citation analysis of doctoral theses of mathematics awarded to the University of Burdwan during 2005-2012. A total of 2007 references from 20 doctoral theses in Mathematics have been analyzed. The study analyzes citation pattern of all 2007 references against some selected parameters such as, literature use pattern, journal ranking, guide ranking, authorship pattern and half-life of citations in Mathematics. It reveals that the journals (64.18%) are the mostly cited source of literature, followed by other source of literatures like, books (33.03%), reports (0.66%), conferences or seminar papers (1.69%). The leading journals preferred by the researchers of Mathematics are ‘Journal of Fluid Mechanics’ with 46 citations (3.57%), followed by ‘European Journal of operation research’ with 42 citations (3.26%). The researchers have cited those journals published from USA (37.12%), followed by UK (18.84%). While studying the age of references, it is found that the half life period of Mathematics literature is nearly 21.6 years.

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