Bibliometric Analysis of Solid Waste Management Research Publications (2010-2019) using SCOPUS Database


Author(s): S. Ravichandran, S.Vivekanandhan

The present study aim to analysis the solid waste management research publications from 2010 to 2019 indexed in SCOPUS online database. During the study period, a total number of 5198 research publications are identified and extracted into MS excel and analyses the year wise growth of publications, document types, top 10 authors contributions, authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, relative growth rate and doubling time, coauthorship index, time series analysis and highly cited top ten publications. From this study it is identified that, maximum of 694 (13.35%) research publications are contributed in the year 2019, the compound annual growth rate is 3.67. Maximum of 3907(75.16%) research publications are contributed by article, maximum of 43 (0.83%) research publications are contributed by Huang G.H, India. Out of 5198 research publications, 579 (11.14%) research publications are contributed by single authors and remaining 4619 (88.86%) research publications are contributed by multi author’s and the average degree of collaboration is 0.88. From this study, relative growth rate is 0.63 in the year 2011 and 0.14 in the year 2019 at the same time doubling time is 1.10 in the year 2011 and 4.84 in the year 2019. From this study, it is identified that CAI for single and two authorship is increasing trend, correspondingly CAI for three authors and more than 3 authors are decreasing trend from 1st block to 2nd block years. 

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