Bibliometric Analysis of Quarterly Journal of Mathematics from the Year 1997-2016


Author(s): V. Appalaswami Naidu

This is a bibliometric analysis of 812 articles published in ten volumes of Quarterly Journal of Mathematics from volume 1997 to 2016. The study has been carried out to observe the authorship pattern, year-wise/volume-wise distribution of contributions, degree of collaboration, length of papers. The journal has started its publication from the year 1997 to 2010 and is constantly being published since then after tremendous growth from 2011 to 2015 later on very least publication in 2016. . It is noted that more than most of the 45.83% articles were authored by two author and the least number, 9(0.89%)by five authors. The most proliferent author is ‘A. M. Peralta’ contributed 8 papers, minimum AAPP as 0.63 with maximum productivity per author is 3.56 in the year 2003. On the other hand, we got maximum AAPP at 0.63 with minimum productivity per author at 1.63 in the year 2002 . The highest value of DC 1.33 was observed in the year 2002 and the lowest value of 0.26 in the year 2008. There were fluctuations in the degree of collaboration, and the overall value of DC was 0.54 during the study span and maximum length of article is 60 pages 1 single article published in 2010, majority of papers 62 have the length 12 pages.

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