Best Practices of Information Literacy Programmes in Government Engineering College Libraries


Author(s): Rudresha D.C, Dr. N. Chowdappa

The present study attempted to examine the best practices of information literacy programmes in Government Engineering College Libraries. The main objectives of the study is to examine the type of services provided by the libraries in Government Engineering Colleges in Karnataka, to know how literacy programmes effectively impacts on library usage, services and facilities provided for the users, to examine what are problems faced by the libraries while conducting Information Literacy Programmes. The questionnaire method was used for data collection and the study covered 7 Government Engineering College Libraries. The findings of the study show that the designation of all respondents of the libraries was ‘Librarian’. The majority of the respondents have completed the Master degree in Library and Information Science accounting 5 (71.42%). The ‘Circulation of Books’ was major kind of the services provided by the all libraries accounting 7(100%). ‘Reference’ and ‘CAS/SDI’ services were next in order in the libraries accounting 6 (84.14%) each. The highest number of the colleges 5 (71.42%) have been conducting the information literacy programmes at beginning of the academic year. In all libraries, Librarian or Assistant Librarian has been conducting the information literacy programmes in the libraries. 6 (85.14%) libraries developed ILPs in the libraries by team of the library professionals. The highest number of the libraries 6(85.14) agreed that IL Programs helped in increased visits to the library by users and only one library stated strongly agree for said statement. 6 (85.14%) libraries faced the problem of lacking of awareness about ILPs for effective delivery of ILPs for the users.

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