Awareness of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) among the Research Scholars of Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra


Author(s): Sulekha, Sukhbir Singh

 With the advent of modern science and technology it is been considered to benefit those who are in actual credit takers of some sorts of tech-scientific innovations, To benefit and encourage such innovative people and firms, Intellectual Property Rights came in to existence. The term intellectual property gained his strength from a long time and much elaborated since then. The term is applied to all innovation irrespective of educational qualifications and implies to all subjects. It is not only important for the lawyers, judges, and law students but also for engineers, scientists, artists, technicians, farmers, and as well as researchers to know IP rights and register their findings. At global level, in 2018, Finland, New Zealand, Switzerland and Sweden, stands in top five in world ranking respectively. Therefore, it is necessary to check out to the mindset of Indian intellectuals, whether they aware about IPR. If they would aware about IPR than only can proceed for IPRs in future for their research findings. As the universities are hub of intellectuals therefore, current study is an insight of students as intellectuals of Kurukshetra University. It is to find out whether they are aware about IPR. To answer the question, awareness survey has been conducted by taking questionnaire.

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