Awareness and Use of e-resources among the Users of University Engineering College Libraries in Andhra Pradesh


Author(s): Karnati Srikanth K.Surendra Babu

E-Resources, available in different file formats and in multi-variety forms. This phenomenon is due to the rapid advancement of information technologies, including the Internet and digitizing techniques. The extent of e-resources (including e-journals, e-books, etc.) is spiraling, although no exact number is available. These changes significantly enlarge the size of the electronic resources pool. Electronic resources have become one of the most important aspects of a digital library. The study reveals that most of respondents (58.87%) are males and also majority of the users (65.44%) are visiting the library daily. The study shows that (82.96%) respondents replied that they learnt the use of e-resources available in their libraries through self-learning and Over a fourth of the respondents (29.66%) replied that they have satisfied with e-books

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