Awareness and Use of Electronic Resources by Engineering Faculty Members of Hyderabad Karnataka Region


Author(s): Selvaraj C, B.R Gadagin

The study presents the awareness and use of electronic resources by the engineering faculty members of Hyderabad Karnataka region, Karnataka. The main aim of this study is to know the awareness and usage of electronic resources by faculty members who have registered through the recognized university. As a tool, the survey method of a questionnaire was distributed among the respondents of various departments. Out of 300 questionnaires, 250 questionnaires were received from the respondents and 83.33% of respondents have replied to the quires. It is observed that majority of Assistant Professors access the electronic resources for the research work rather than teaching. The study revealed that 95% of the users are depending on electronic resources which are more relevant to their study rather than print resources. The trend expects that electronic resources has overtaken the print resources and expects that the print resources will be phased out in near future.

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