Awareness And Use Of Electronic Resources Among Social Science Students In Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai


Author(s): Electronic Resources, Internet, computer literacy, University Library.

Today availability of electronic resources in university students is very common.
Adequate electronic resource facilities empower and enrich the higher education system
in meeting the best academic needs. The present paper examines the existence of
various electronic resources in Madurai Kamaraj University Social Science students.
The study also highlights the preferences and importance of Awareness and Use of
electronic resources among social science students. Internet gate way for libraries and
information centers to enter the Electronic Information Era and is providing the
information generated by different organization. Today information is available through
libraries, community resources, special interest organization, media and above all the
internet and www and increasingly the information comes to individuals in unfiltered
formats, raising questions about its authenticity, validity, and reliability. This is very
important for university departments since most of them call for more and more
research work. The result indicated majority of student purpose of visit of University
library (94.94%). The study found that most of the respondents (62.62%) use for visit
the university Library. 

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