Availability and Utilization of Electronic Resources by the Users of Engineering College Libraries in Guntur and Prakasam districts of AP: A study



Analysis of data collected from a sample of 1300 users of engineering college libraries in Guntur and Prakasam districts of Andhra Pradesh, selected by stratified random method using a questionnaire reveals majority of the users expressed that floppies (78.9%), CDs (66%), CD-ROMs (69.2%) and DVDs (52.7%) are available in their respective libraries. Most of the users (90.8%) never utilized floppies. A high percentage of users (42.3%) are utilizing CDs mostly. Majority of them are utilizing CD-ROMs (54.5%) and DVDs (54.5%) mostly. Most of the users expressed the availability of computers (85.4%) and sound recorders in their libraries. Majority of them expressed that the fax machines (60.9%), printers (78.5%) and scanners (51.8%) are available in their libraries. Most of the users expressed the nonavailability of handy cams (88.9%) and LCD projectors (84%). Majority of them (68.9%) expressed the non-availability of barcode scanners. Among the users, who replied that there is a provision for lending of e-resources, most of them (94.4%) are satisfied with lending procedure. Majority of users (59.2%) are also satisfied with the maintenance of e-sources. The suitable methods suggested by the users for giving orientation in using e-resources are ‘library guides’ (48.6%), ‘library tour’ (39.2%) and ‘lectures’ (35.1%). A few significant differences were found between the responses of students and faculty members of engineering colleges with regard to the availability and utilization of electronic sources and equipment. Finally, a few recommendations have been made to improve the electronic sources in engineering college libraries.

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