Automated Reference Management: A Solution for Scholarly Communication


Author(s): Bijayananda Pradhan, Saisangeeta Nayak

Scholarly writing is an essential component of research. In recent years, the pace of communication of research has been grown exponentially. The research output is mainly communicated through peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, books, thesis, and conference proceedings etc. Reference management software is an essential research tool for scientific research work since 1980s. It has been used by scholars and authors for recording, storage and utilizing bibliographic citations. It maintains a database to references and creates bibliographies and the reference lists for the written academic works. These tools are available in the form of open source as well as commercial to help the researchers to manage citations. The commercial software’s are sometimes provided by the library through licensing to the researchers. This paper analyses the importance of reference management and the solutions available for the academicians to effectively make use of these tools in their dissertations and future researches.

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