Authorship Pattern and Collaboration of Journal of Advances in Library and Information Science (JALIS) : A Bibliometric Analysis


Author(s): Santu Ram Kashyap

The objective of the study is to find out Authorship pattern and degree of collaboration. in this study found that thehighest numbers of the articles 69 (120.53%) Published with 127(19.44%) Authors in the year 2017. and lowest numbers of the articles published 38 (11.30%) Published with 74 (11.33%) Authors in the year 2012. the highest numbers 86 (13.16%) Articles contributed by single numbers and lowest .authors20 (3.06%) contributed 653out of .by four authors contributors86 (13.16 %) contributors contributed with single thors andau 567 (86.83 %) contributors contributed with joint authors. the highest numbers of the contributions are from Tamilnadu 459 (72.05%) and Nigeria 8 (50%) and Lowest numbers of the contribution are from Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Goa, J& k, and Odisha 01(0.15%) and Dubai 1 (6.25%).the degree of author collaborations which clearly indicates %0.8683the dominance o fmultiple author contribution.

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