Authorship and Collaboration Trends in SRELS Journal of Information Management (2014 to 2108): A Bibliometric Study


Author(s): Shivaraja O, Vinay Kumar E S, Papanna S

This study deals with the analysis of 263 contributions of the journal entitled ‘SRELS Journal of Information Management’ published in thirty issues from five volumes during 2015 to 2018. It examines the authorship pattern, the journal contributions by gender, institution and geographical wise and the number of citations cited per article in the journal etc. The study shows that the majority (49.04%) of articles contributed by two authors from male authors’ (74.63%) and they cited in their research articles one to twenty citations (77.56%) in this journal. The majority of articles contributed to this journal from Universities (66.59%) i.e. Mysore University, Sri Venkatesha University and University, Panjab and Delhi Universities and geographically from India (92.98%) i.e. Karnataka (22.39%), West Bengal (15.74%) and Tamil Nadu (9.97%).

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