Application of Bradford?s Law of Scattering to the Thin Film Literature of India and China: A Comparative Study.


Author(s): Praveen B Hulloli, Kiran P Savanur

The research study explores and analyzes the Scientometrics components of research articles that published an online version of Web of Science (WoS) in the area of thin-film on India and China Countries from 2001 to August 2019. Indian scholars published 16023 publications in the field of Thin Film, with an average of 853 papers a year, ranked list of journals prepared Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Electronics with 5.12% of articles in Thin Film field and China country total 413699 published with an average of 1220 papers a year, ranked list of journals prepared Applied Surface Science with 3.83% of articles in Thin Film field. India and China countries are the journals distribution pattern of the thin film does not fit Bradford’s law distribution pattern, the applicability of Egghe’s model was also tested and data shows the goodness of fit Bradford’s law distribution pattern.

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