Application of Bradford?s Law of Scattering to the Materials Science Literature: A study based on Web of Science Database


Author(s): Rudramuni Hiremath, Gouri N. Gourikeremath, Gururaj S. Hadagali, B. D. Kumbar

- The present paper tests one of the important bibliometric laws of Bradford’s Law of scattering for the literature related to ‘Materials Science’ for the period 1995- 2014 as available in the Web of Science Core Collection database. A total of 42,383 articles related to Material Science published in journals in English language during the study period are retrieved. The 42,383 articles are scattered in 465 journals. A list of ranked journals was prepared and it was found that the Journal of Alloys and Compoundswith 1,939 articles is the most productive journal publishing Material Science literature followed by Materials Letters of the Elsevier Science BVwith 1.146 articles and Materials Chemistry and Physics with 1,111 articles. In this study, theoretical aspects of Bradford’s Law of Scattering are tested and found that the data do not fit to the present sample. The Leimkuhler model is tested and found to fit the data for the Bradford Multiplier (k) at 14.71. The Bradford law is alsotested through graphical formulation by drawing the Bradford bibliograph and is found to confirm all the three characteristics.

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