Application of Big Data Technology to Library data:A review


Author(s): A.Kaladhar, B.R. Doraswamy Naick and K. Somasekhara Rao

As per changing trends the primary duty of libraries is to preservation of data or information in the digital form to act as juncture to its users, research institutions, universities and to the government. The data in large quantity which is in the form of raw data to be prepared in to required formats as per its user’s requirement. At this situation the librarians or badly need to know how to convert, evaluate and brought before to the users in the ultimate form of information or knowledge. Mere creation of knowledge is not enough in the digital era that should be useful to maximum extent, perceptible and reachable. The new concept and challenge to the librarians is powerful analytics of “Big Data”. Big data is a Information revelation tool which presents data in a different way and facilitate information mining to its users what they really intended to have. In this manuscript we have discussed various forms of datasets and their characteristics, consulted IT (Information Technology) experts on relevancy of Big data technology to the library operations. We identified so many issues related to it and explained.

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